Friday, 16 November 2007

David Cloud

written by Geek Wife

What happen recently triggers me to write something about him.Yes, pastor David Cloud. He is definetely not a new name for a fundamentalist Baptist.But believe it or not, "many" baptist dislike his "negative" comment (or may be should say attitude) especially towards other saved-but-may-be-not-a-fundamentalist Christian.

Well, first of all, believe me... I did not side him because he is one of my pastor's good friend. In fact, sometimes I do tend to think as many other his 'hater'. These is some of the example that I've heard or read

"Can you stop complaining and do something about it?

Stop being negative...! Afterall it's just a small mistake compared to what that man had done, he produce a lot of Godly books.

Oh please don't say that bro. Cloud, you will have tons of enemies...!!!

Do this, you can try to google name "David Cloud" and it will come with TONS of critics and blog with many flashing word of disagreement. But what is it the purpose of his ministry? Is he really looking for enemy or just try to become popular by posting controversial stuff?

Obviously enough, Pastor Cloud, as a human, he CAN make mistakes too. Like this one for example on this blog written by another fundamentalist :
But needless to say, this is only a one side picture and Pastor Cloud (whether or not he thinks he had make mistake) has his side of a story to tell.

But enough of saying OTHERS prespective on him. This is what I think.

Last night I was reading Jeremiah when my husband was reading the literature Pastor Roger Tooley printed out for us. (FYI, it was Pastor David Cloud literature). And my husband said to me :
"Sometimes I feel I need to quit reading this literature. Everything sounds so negative and discouraging".
"That's true". I replied.
"Wonders why he decide to have this kind of ministry, would he feel so terrible himself then writting all these ? I feel awful inside just reading them."
Then both of us absorbed reading our own stuff.

"Hey... isn't Jeremiah sounded like Pastor Cloud?"

That's right, in fact, not only Jeremiah, but MANY other phropets, judges, apostle and even the Lord Himself rebuke other LOADS of times. The word 'rebuke' appear in the bible 119 times, and go count yourself for the word 'Woe'. So, why all these Godly man are so negative and sometimes sound overly judgemental?

It's because we, just like the Jew... are a stubborn, sinful, human. Needless to say that the same prophet need to warn the Jew numerous times over THE SAME THING. Ananias and Safira end up dead because they lied to the Holy Spirit (which to my standart I would say : I will close my ear as long as I got THE money).

So, a lesson to learn. We should be thankful there is a minister like Pastor Cloud who run this kind of ministry. It's not easy when another Christian (who include fundamentalist) thinks you are just over judging them, being too negative, or even talking nonsense while actually you tried to restore their relationship with the Lord.

My piece of advice is : if you happen to get his 'strong' word (or may be its directed to someone you know) just try to see is there a truth in it. If no, I believe He is not a unreasonable man whereby you can go to him and straight things up (If you have a ground to say). The bottom line is, it's not easy to become the enemy of this world... do pray for Pastor Cloud.

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Roger said...

Thanks for the good review on Dr. Cloud. He is the modern day of Jeremiah. At times he neeeds to be more balanced but thank the Lord someone is letting our fundamental churches know the issues of our days and done so much good by putting his material in print. We allow the liberals to print their material but we need good fundamental material in print. I agree we must pray for him than talk bad about him.